Friday, November 12, 2010

These are some very cool lego creations.

This is one cool castle, wish I could build like this.

This is another cool one.

This just gets better and better. ( :

The last one is little, but it charms me for some reason....

I hope you enjoy this.  If I get the scanner working I can put a comic on here.... maybe. 


  1. Nice, I like the last one! it is so cute! lol

    nice job on the blog!

  2. This must be my super intelligent nephew...newspapers, poems,'s gotta be him. It's gotta be him....It's gotta be him.....But I'm not paying you a $1.00 for reading your blog. Har de Har Har! That is were I draw the line! I might pay to read your newspaper, but I'm not paying to read your blog. I'M READING IT FOR FREE - TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE RASCAL!