Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm back from the dead!

Some of you have been complaining about me not posting, well I've been busy,
with my new blog, The Green Leaf Journal, if you want to see it talk to me.

here is a poem....

                                     The Arrow Head

     I was walking in the woods one day, to see what I could find

When I stumbled pon an arrow head, so perfect, so fine.

I picked it up and stared, and stared,and I must say, its hard to describe the scene I saw there.

For a moment I heard a woosh! I saw that arrow fly.

Then I heard a scream, and then, I saw him die...

Another story came to sight, I saw two chiefs trying to end a long fight.

I saw them shoot an arrow into a tree, as a reminder of the peace to be...

I put the arrow head in my pocket,and tucked it in there well...

Then I looked for more arrow heads, and the stories they will tell.



  1. Logan...You are truly an amazing poet. I love to read your writings, and I am most certainly interested in your new blog...especially if it has more poems. I like the music also. It fits the poem.


    Aunt NeeKee

  2. love the poem . the music helped me go to sleep, i like stuff that helps me sleep!!

  3. lol He's about to post more so, keep checkin'

  4. when is that? he hasn't posted in several months!