Monday, April 18, 2011

Story Time!

Hello children it's story time!

Now, what should I tell you? Ahh, I know! A detective story how would you like that?
 My name is,well actually I can't I cant tell you my name, confidential you know. Unlike many detectives my office is clean and neat, and the door doesn't have private eye on the door. It has private ear, I try to be original. Anyway no one really has any use for a private ear these days so I decided to take a walk. Out the door, down the hallway, down the, stairs? " Hey, HEY! where is the stairs! " Truth was there was NO stairs, just boards where the stairs used to be! I ran to the window the place was packed with cars! I looked to my left and saw a big blinking sign that said JCquarters! A skinny man walked out as huge dump truck full of construction workers drove up. " Okay gentlemen," he said in the snottiest voice you could imagine " you remember the plan a building here and here and here and here, oh yes remember to clean out the top of that dinky building the inside is being remodeled." "Remodeled, REMODELED!" I thought. I was outraged. "THE LANDLORD WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!" I shouted angrily. " Oh, hello aren't you some kind of private nose? I thought I told you to leave." he answered. "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN EVICT ME!"I shouted." If you would have read my letter you would had known that I am the new landlord, I bought the place a month ago." he said with a sneer " now, please, leave."

That's all for today folks,

From: The Genius

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