Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To my Dearest Readers...

Around this morning I had the strangest dream, but before I tell you about that dream I have to tell you about a different dream. This dream, dear readers, was a pleasant dream. I dreamed I was trekking  up a mountainslope when I came to a clearing, a rectangular slanted rock sat in the middle of the clearing. Next to the clearing was the edge of the mountain. I remember climbing on the rock and looking around at the breathtaking view of a city below... It was an amazing site... Now that you  know that dream you can know the one I first talked about. You see dear readers, the dream I first talked about happened in the exact place that the dream I recently described happened in! Now let me tell you about the first dream I talked about, I was trekking up the same mountain when I got to the clearing, however, there was no clearing! All that was there was a cement parking lot and a convenient store right in, the, way, of, the VIEW! I was so angry! Next I remember arguing with some nerdy guy, " There isn't even I road to get to the place" I angrily told him. In that dream I figured out nerdy guys have no brains whatsoever.

From: The Genius

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